Sarah Pyne (they/ them) is a nonbinary filmmaker based in Los Angeles. They are excited about all aspects of post production and find creative inspiration from all types of art. They are currently working towards being a colorist, but in the far future dream of owning their own post production facility.
Recently Pyne has worked on several freelance projects, including a variety of color projects as well as editing music videos, corporate videos, and event promos. Pyne previously worked as a lead editor for React Media, and currently works as an I/O Coordinator at Picture Head.
Pyne’s love of filmmaking was driven by their education at Columbia College Chicago. At Columbia Pyne worked towards a degree in Cinema Arts and Science with a concentration in post production filmmaking. They also spent time as a student employee at the post production center, spent two years as the president of the Editor’s Guild, trained to be the student Telecine Operator, studied abroad, and completed two internships at different post houses in Chicago. Pyne is grateful for the experience and knowledge gained at Columbia and considers it to be invaluable.
Their abroad opportunity in Germany led them to fall in love with documentary filmmaking while working on a project about sexuality and personal identity. Pyne is often inspired by culture and travel, and loves finding unique ways to tell the moving and inspirational stories of ordinary people. They are especially drawn to telling stories with topics of inclusivity and acceptance of underrepresented groups of people. 
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