Not too long ago I stumbled into the world of AI generated art, and even more recently I noticed that my preferred AI generator started offering video creation. “Dreamland” is made entirely from AI generated art, with a little help of some editing, some voice over, and even AI generated music! This project took a lot of time because despite AI doing a lot of heavy lifting for me, I had to tell it what I wanted, and the AI didn't always interpret my prompts the way I wanted. This led to the incredibly time consuming process of revising individual sections and also attempting to come up with better descriptors to make the AI cooperate with my vision. This project got me thinking to what else I could get AI to do for me, which is how I ended up discovering AI generated music. AI music ended up being a lot easier because there were fewer options to choose from (genre, mood, and length). I even got lucky fairly early on and found something that I thought would fit quite nicely. What do you think? I’m excited for the future to see what new technologies we will be able to use to make art.

This piece was created with VQGAN- Clip on Nightcafe.

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