Digital Destruction

Inspired by myself, I decided to take overlapping video effects of my favorite montages and put a spin on it. This month I decided to see how many 4k overlays my M1 Pro could handle before either it or Premiere crashed. At around 25 layers I had to start rendering to see what I was doing because I still wanted to see what I was doing. The only editing involved was changing the order of the layers, the blend mode, and opacity, I still wanted this video to turn out visually appealing. At around 30 layers I was trying to play YouTube in the background but as soon as I hit play in Premiere YouTube started stuttering so bad I had to force quit chrome. I made it all the way to 40 layers and decided to stop, my render time was getting ridiculous and if I didn't render then Premiere was unusable, I couldn't even drag in new clips to the timeline without it struggling. Plus, who wants to sit and wait on a two day render for a one minute video? I probably could have cooked an egg on my laptop while it was rendering.
I thought I had failed at my original goal, to continue adding layers until something had completely crashed. I never watched the video back after it fully exported, I had half the render to preview and it looked fine and I trusted it. A week after I uploaded this video I was watching it back and realized a major glitch happened; the first half of the video doesn't play back all of the layers. At exactly 30 seconds the video changes and is a lot brighter with additional layers- the whole video was intended to look like that. I'd say this glitch makes the project successful. 

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